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EmPowered Couples Brunch

I'm not married as yet, but a wise man once told me that marriage is not comprised of Valentine's Days, nor the fireworks at Vivid Festival, nor the twenty-four long stem roses delivered to your desk, nor the magical helicopter ride over Barossa Valley.

Marriage is made up of the 250 boring Wednesdays, punctuated by dishes to clean in the kitchen sink, food shops at ALDI, and planning the budget before the baby comes [not an exhaustive list by any means].

So how do you fuel the romance and keep the fire going after years of being together? EmPowered Couples Brunch on 1 July - for some strange reason I get the privilege of speaking on this topic! And believe me - I'm hugely honoured and will do my best to prevent a cautionary tale.

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Word Travels: Spoken Word Women USA

It is my great honour to host  - The Body Is Not an Apology founder Sonya Renee Taylor and the BE BEAUTIFUL PROJECT founder Denise Jolly
Plus 2x fantastic duos Spare Pages (USA + AUS) and The One Thousand Project 's One Thousand Promises Tour (USA + UK). 

Local Sydney poet Hani Abdile will open the evening with the launch of her new book.

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Free Slam Poetry Workshop

Writers! Do justice to what you wrote in your bedroom.

Kill it on stage!

Whether or not you've heard of Slam Poetry before, we will teach you how to access your unique stories from deep within yourself, unearthing them with fearlessness and confidence.

We will:

  • Develop poetic techniques and performance, through acting and writing exercises.
  • Learn self-expression by producing a performance piece.
  • Exercises in crafting narrative, poetics and sensory writing, as well as vocal, movement and dramatic exercises.

Everyone's got a story to tell, and we'd love to hear yours!

RSVP to jasantosa@gmail.com. Places are limited.

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