The She-Temple.


I take my beauty very seriously--

Cos the construction of the female form

must have been a cautious craft!


The she-temple is comprised of many parts:

shapely hips for clothes to stretch

right fit bras for support and defence

moisturised and fragrant hands

silk hair to braid in complex plaits.


Cheekbone highlights from red rouge

shiny nails from manicures

permission to shed unwanted hair from arms, legs 

from... well just about everywhere.


And while the ladies get pampered 

the men wait outside,

frustrated that we take so long to hide

blemishes, creases, folds in our skin,

we come out and finish and then it hits home to them, 

the blessed predicament that they are in!


"Baby, you're stunning"

he'll smell our hair

and inhale the scent of our perfumed air,

as the stride of our step 

imprints the hearth

with the beauty of femininity walking the earth

amongst the

greys, blacks, and boring blues

our men in suits are subject to.


You know Socrates once said 

that it be a shame for a woman to grow old

without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which her body is capable...

And I couldn't agree more,

and yeah, I know that he was a dude...


And I'm 

not condoning the distortions of our supermodel sisters 

in fashion magazines,

(nor am I going to make you listen another hater poem on the make up industry).


But I am demanding a rethinking of the way we look at our bodies and our health

and what we eat

and how we move

because my Mother at only 59 had quintuple bypass surgery

from a lifetime of emotional eating decisions

feeling completely helpless to control her moods

and would console herself historically

through frequent consumption of comfort foods.


I am demanding a rewrite of the beauty mandate

personalised by our own bodies and faces

our own revelations

on how, in an

all encompassing way,

We can truly be the best we can be:

emotionally, wholly, physically.


Lets increase our capabilities

and leave a gorgeous legacy for our daughters, ladies!


And in the words of Marcus Mumford -

"In these bodies we will live

in these bodies we will die

where you invest your love

you invest your life.”


                                                                     And so I hope we stretch our time.


And I hope my baby girl inherits a hunger and thirst for life

Like her Mama - the aspiring carrot,

who writes poetry a little too prolifically

but takes her unique,



designed beauty,