Three Month Coaching Program


Three Month Coaching Program

280.00 every month for 3 months

Jessica commits to being fully invested in your love life, but it is YOU who must be committed to the inner work and take full responsibility for your own growth!

She will help you construct your personal road map to navigate the Dating Jungle, unearth your thoughts, beliefs and mindsets that might be holding you back, and push you to become the best version of yourself with gentle honesty your friends are too polite to give you.

If you are frustrated that you are reaching a certain age and haven't had much success in dating, or completely confused about where you might be going wrong with guys, this is a serious investment into your future happiness.

If you are committed to the process of changing your mindset on romance and taking action, results are inevitable!

Please note: After the first month you are welcome to pause the program for a later date but no refunds are permitted once the second month payment is submitted.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate dating with ease and confidence.

  • Meet high quality singles (in REAL LIFE - it's simple, but not easy!)

  • Make better romantic decisions.

  • Approach anybody. Yes - I mean ANYBODY.

  • Know if a guy is interested in pursuing you.

  • Let a guy down gently and respectfully if you don't see a future.

  • Get him to ask you out!

  • Understand the importance of pacing slowly to assess his character and compatibility.

  • Establish a hotter, more confident and self-assured version of YOU.

  • Deeply understand attraction between men and women, and how to enhance your own attractiveness to the opposite sex.

  • Understand the male mind, and how to use that knowledge in your favour.

  • Stronger social skills and awareness (e.g. working the room, approaching cute guys, how to create intrigue, and interesting conversation.)

  • If you're from Sydney - you'll score introductions to men of high self awareness, values-career alignment and solid character within the DATEABILITY Community.

  • Have the forever-feeling of empowerment and peace about being single because dating has become such a fun skillset and activity for you!

  • Keep a strong centre of gravity that is unshakeable even in the face of loss or rejection.


  • 6 hour online retainer #RomanticIntelligence coaching, spread throughout 3 months.

  • Email and WhatsApp support.

  • Upcoming e-book "Your Five Foundations to Attract Your Mr Right" valued at $25.00 included.

  • Discounted tickets to DATEABILITY events. (Sydney clients only).

  • 2-hour in person coaching with DATEABILITY - we conduct a bedroom, wardrobe and car analysis to assess readiness for inviting a potential romantic partner into your world (Sydney clients can choose this option in place of 2-hrs of online #RomanticIntelligence coaching).

  • 1 x blind date introduction (Sydney clients can choose this option in place of 2-hrs of online #RomanticIntelligence coaching).

Start at any time once payment is processed, however dates will be set once this is finalised.