Month by Month E-mail Only Coaching


Month by Month E-mail Only Coaching


Jessica commits to being the Cheerleader and Coach in your love life.

If you have a specific question and need coaching around one area of your love life, this is the perfect solution.

She will help you construct your personal road map in navigating this specific area of your dating life. A confidential e-mail exchange will unearth your thoughts, beliefs and mindsets that might be holding you back, and push you to become the most empowered version of yourself with gentle honesty your friends are too polite to give you.


  • One month unlimited e-mail support from Jess. After completing your 1-hour complimentary Love Readiness Assessment, we have identified that organising your thoughts in written form is the best way for you to communicate what is going on in your heart. Jess will read and respond to your email within 48 hours with a plan to move forward and tackle this issue.

  • Start at any time once payment is processed, however dates will be set once this is finalised. 

  • Upcoming e-book "Your Five Foundations to Attract Ms/Mr Right" valued at $25.00 included.


  • Complimentary Love Readiness Assessment

  • Survey For Him/Her

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