Frequently Asked Questions

you might have about Month by Month Coaching or the Three Month Coaching Package:


1.) Will I be in an amazing relationship after 3 months of working with Jess?

The DATEABILITY Team would love to guarantee a beautiful, wholistic and healthy romance for all our clients at the end of 3 months. However that would be akin to a Personal Trainer promising her clients a perfectly sculpt body after only working out twice a month for an hour at a time! Totally possible if you're already a regular gym junkie, but just like in dating - Jess will work with you where you are at, and in your 1-hour Love Readiness Assessment give you an honest snapshot of what can be achieved in 3 months.

What we can promise every client after 3 months of hard work with Jess - if you take advantage of the unlimited WhatsApp, emails and 2 x 1 hour Skype sessions per month AND do all your homework is...

  • A hotter, more confident and self-assured version of yourself.

  • A deeper knowledge of attraction between men and women, and how to enhance that in your own self.

  • An understanding of the male mind, and how to use that knowledge in your favour.

  • Stronger social skills and awareness (e.g. working the room, approaching cute guys, how to create intrigue, and interesting conversation.) 

  • The feeling of empowerment and peace about being single because dating has become such a fun skillset and activity for you! 

2.) Can jess set me up on a blind date?

Absolutely! DATEABILITY offers this service to Sydney clients only at this stage, but is working on networks Australia-wide (and with a cheeky push, the US). Blind dates are included as a service within Month by Month Coaching or the Three Month Coaching Package as practice and application for our work together in the coaching relationship. It should be noted that matchmaking is a separate service that requires extensive interviews, compatibility tests and the experienced eyes of a Dating Coach. Even then, we encourage all clients of DATEABILITY to apply their own intuition to the dating process whilst trusting the match we have provided for you.

3.) What other things can I do to get the best out of Dating Coaching?

While DATEABILITY proudly believe that you are God's treasured possession, created for relationship with Him, and will inherit the kingdom of heaven, firstly:

Never think there is nothing wrong with you.

You've enlisted the help of a Dating Coach because you want things to change! Therefore, assume that there is always room for improvement, on a bed of self-acceptance, self-love and God's grace. We believe it is our duty to become more like Christ - and that means we ask you to be teachable and take personal responsibility for your learnings in romance and all aspects of life.

Take notes in your sessions with Jess, ask questions, accept feedback, do your homework, read the books suggested for you, and take the attitude that you are a student who is always growing their knowledge and improving themselves!

If you feel like something is too hard, tell Jess - we'll work through a solution at your pace. 

Show up on time and be physically and emotionally present.

If you respect people's time, they will open up their heart to you. Turn up late continually and watch them close the door on you politely. Jess only takes select clients per month and ensures she is fully present for every one of your sessions. We are dealing with matters of the heart. You must be ready to dive in and make serious changes. 

Do your homework.

Life does not reward your intentions, only your actions. You can't expect long term, deeply rooted new learnings if you don't do as you promise us.

Yes - it's about us, not just yourself! We are a team and we would love to see plenty of hunky man options emerge in 3-6 months.

Be patient with the process.

Some clients yield huge results after one month, then recoil back quickly as they adjust to the change. This is a normal occurrence when major shifts are happening in your life. It is an identity recalibration!