Introducing: the Fiction Blog of Short Stories

I've been quarantining myself every Friday night. Partly due to having little to no social life, and partly due to really wanting to feel 14 again. 

The Fiction Blog will hold my Friday evening Short Story treasures. I would absolutely ADORE your constructive feedback. What did you like? What didn't you like? Could you connect with Lin-Ha and Tengfei? Did you despise Frenchie? 

Eventually Jessi intends on publishing a novel, and needs to know which idea has enough gumption to last 50,000 words. 

If you've ventured here from Facebook or Instagram - WELCOME! Thanks so much for dropping in. Your presence is truly valuable to me. 

Special thanks to: Mum and Chi, the Clevebabes, Nee and Jo, Kevin from Brewristas, fellow Sydney Slam Poets (esp Jesse) and my Writer's Crew for all your support! The stories shall be up here post-edits!

Multitudes of love, 

Jess x