Poetry: 5 Life Lessons That Took Me Forever to Understand

Patience & Humility


Let people walk their own journey.

As you, are on your own journey.


Let them not know things

As you, also, don’t know things.

Don’t shame them for not knowing

For once you also

lacked knowledge

on the radar of another.


If someone should shame you for not seeing yet

then shame on them for lacking grace! 

In not allowing you to walk your own journey

And go slowly at your own pace.


If your friend is suffering because they made a stupid decision,

Let them 

hug out the carnage of their own mistake.

Be the person that says nothing and promises nothing but to just be present in that moment 

in silence.

Let them 

throw their arms around the shoulders of their own mess

Let them 

get their fingernails filthy in the soil of their new learnings.


But if you must intervene somehow 

then give them a pen

so they can 

yank the rotten fruit from the tree of their broken Eden

and write an anthology of poetry from all this new wisdom

For wisdom is treasure often traded with pain

begotten by trial and error 

where the risk averse are rewarded the least,

save the reckless adventurer whom finds solace

in crying and shocked mouths agape

                                due to their masterful storytelling abilities.


Control & Influence

Why is Control the most coveted item at the auction,

and Influence the secret stock?

If they were sisters, Control would be the anxious fidgety one, 

And Influence known for her listening skills, gentle laughter,

and ease of conversation.


It is necessary that I fail fast,

break my neck every once in a while

learn to be happy in a hospital bed;

and diminish my energy to judge you,


and while suffering 


shall the waistline of my perspective

loosen its belt

from gorging on too much self-reflection.


FEAR OF Confrontation

I will line my gut with choices,

Grow my stomach strong;

Really strong – from coughing up the blood of 

mental processing, 

truth expansion and 

awkward conversations.


Every cringe, every grimace will accompany 

my assertive communication,

from voicing opinions that no one seemed to have the balls to say.

Cowardice forgets to number his days

For when his year is up

he’ll wish he fought the battles he could have won.


Saying "No"

I’d rather the person who said no to me

and let me hate them for a little bit

for just a split second—

I'd have more respect for them,

more than the person who promises me things and never delivers.


Say no, when you mean no

You will be better for it. 


You are the Master of your Strongest Emotions, 

(I promise you, it gets easier).

Refuse to blow your stack at the person who screwed you over.

Tame the lion of your ego, 

teach her to growl in the safe confines of her cave,

for her carnage was never trained

to bring the salvation you crave.

Speak calmly this day, 

Separate self from vulnerable persons, 

including Aggressor/s.

Throwing a grenade at their face will not serve your righteous dessert.

Leave the lion overnight to a comatose sleep, 

and in the morning awake her.

Teach her to write down what she wants; 

Teach her to wear the shoes of her Aggressor--

I guarantee you, she will become closer to resolution, 

she will be better equipped to solve conflict this day.