beautiful voice.


Beautiful voice -

You catch me

like the dangling bracelet 

missing a jewel

its little metal arms open for a hug


they snag the fabric

of a sleeve I just hugged.


Beautiful voice, 

You make me stand still

like a caught stiletto

between two planks of wood 

click clack of heels passing on wharf.

Like the piece of gum 

the sole of my shoe

kissed without thinking


like the talkative old guy 

who can’t get the hint that I got important things to do

but it’s rude to just walk away…


Beautiful voice it’s just...


 to steal away from you.


I just can’t stop listening.


I want to hear your next track

I want your wonderland of melodies

to present to me 


 to buy popcorn!

and win prizes! as I 

throw red plastic balls into the mouths of clowns

and cackle too loudly at the 6 foot fuzzy bear mascot 

whose eye holes are in fact 

nose holes

…"can you see?

you keep falling over! I’m a little bit concerned…"


Beautiful voice

don’t stop singing to me.

Serenade me with the first 

the fourth 

the major fifth

the minor fall

the major lift

Baffled king, 

compose me hallelujah!

(But don’t fool around with Bathsheba

Even if you are the anointed King of Israel.)


Beautiful voice,

once the music stops 

do the doors close?

does the moon cease to glow

do the clouds cover the stars you directed me to?


Beautiful voice, 

is that all you are?

Cuz I hope there is more.


Fans fast approaching

Snot nosed children waiting

Teenage boys imitating

Screaming women fantasising 

about what else you can do.


Beautiful voice - is that all you got?

do you dance? Waltz? groove? Spin on your head? Crump? crib walk?

Beautiful voice, do you even move?


Are you a red spanish onion or a one-trick, flat 2D cartoon?

cus I wanna

             peeeeeeel you


                s l o w l y…



so you:

seduce me with visions

about where this world is going 

That it’s not Hades but Heaven

and there’s hope for the Middle East beyond a 2-state solution

and we can say to Iraq “we’ve got your back” "there’ll be an end to the Hell of this situation!" 


Beautiful voice

we're counting on you.


I’m sorry for the pressure but

You are my resolution.


And as I sit here listening,

I can’t help but think,

Beautiful voice


the lovelier you get

the more you are 

gonna have 

your work 

               cut out for you.


Beautiful voice, 

keep singing, 


this world needs hope

and baby forgets all her troubles when she's listening to you.


Beautiful voice

I’m sorry for the pressure

but you are the resolution;


        we're counting on you.