Jessica Santosa is an International Dating & Relationship Coach and the Founder of DATEABILITY.

Based in Sydney Australia, Jessica has equipped singles with the mindset and skillset of healthy dating, flirting and romance in the UK, USA, Eastern Europe, and Australia wide.

Influenced by a decade of ministry, Social Work and therapeutic practice, her holistic approach explores the five areas of Character, Crew, Charisma, Counterstrategy and Compatibility before entering the Commitment stages.

Jessica's work has been featured on Match UK and The Modern Ruth Project. Check out her blog on with her most popular articles: Navigating Christian Dating CultureHow To Let Him Pursue You, and 10 Questions to Test Your Self Awareness & Self Respect and her fortnightly vlogs on Instagram Live. 

Jessica offers a complimentary 1-hour Love Readiness Assessment and runs monthly workshops on Romantic Intelligence through DATEABILITY.


SINGLE BY CHOICE - the gorgeous, smart and sassy Sarah Thamin has joined the DATEABILITY team.

While her beauty is a total given, few understand this woman’s fierce determination to articulate confidence, freedom and purpose for singles around her through her mentoring blog Process To Love.

An actress and model, Sarah says: “It took me a while to find my purpose, but when I did I realised I couldn’t afford to settle. God has made His plan for me so clear, that my future husband will really need to hold his own and be strong enough in himself to lead me.”