One Hour Coaching Call


One Hour Coaching Call


You get it - God's in control. But how much of your future relationship is you taking action on your own prayers?

Do you need a little push to ask that cute girl from church on a date?

Do you get nervous talking to really attractive men?

Are you frustrated that there seems to be no prospects, no matter how hard you search in the other churches you visit?  

In this One Hour Coaching Call we construct a personal road map to navigate the Christian Dating Jungle and your own thoughts, beliefs, intrinsic motivations and mindsets. 

Whether you're regularly dating and there seems to be no potential at all, or you need someone to point where you might be going wrong with guys or girls, we will help you become your own problem solver and get you further to meeting, attracting and dating your Mr/Ms Right!

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Strictly through Skype and FaceTime ONLY. No exceptions.